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How do regural consultations between managers and their subordinates impact productivity and job satisfaction?

it should be both ways

reporting and consultation gives;

1) recognition of each wing

2) create understanding

3) create involvement

4) create a bondage between two layers

5) erase ego

6) create pride and make a person to believe that he is indispensable in the team - that create more involvement (like mother and child) in the process - which take the person to the top

naturally it becomes stronger - then this mechanism result more productivity and then job satisfaction - (job satisfaction comes out of pride - and the consultation satisfy this ego - then the team will be a successful team.

How do regural consultations between managers and their subordinates impact productivity and job satisfaction?
It results in Clear, Consise and Unmistakable requirements, goals and deadlines. Makes everybody happy.


Why do i get such satisfaction whenever i give him blue balls?

i just get a kick out of it everytime... lol

Why do i get such satisfaction whenever i give him blue balls?
Probably it gives you a sense of power. It is a great tease. But be careful, some guys will get tired of it. Others though might like it, they can handle the issue after you leave.
Reply:u are enjoying teasing him and giving him all that sexual tension sooooo bad till his balls are just aching and throbbing for you. i bet that is fun. good for you! he he.....personally i love the feeling of being turned on for hours till my balls ache, swell, and is so wonderful! lol (but i don't think all guys feel that way! he he)
Reply:maybe its an underlying form of revenge for something he didn't do for you or something he did. And you don't know because it's unconscious

I don't think your the only one, sometimes i like to so that it leaves him wanting it even more...
Reply:Lots of people enjoy B%26amp;D, and other fetishes. It's completely normal and healthy (and fun!). If he enjoys getting blue balls, more power to you (literally, lol).

buck teeth

Are you really getting satisfaction on 3 to 10 minits work ?

someone will get out of the work within a minit, and some one will try further more time and getout. i pull water from the well within a minit and for the second bucket, i will get tiredness..i and my friend one day done a running friend got tired within a minit, may be age problem. what do you say ? i know you are confused..don't get confusion.. you can answer on any matter.

Are you really getting satisfaction on 3 to 10 minits work ?
It took a while to figure out how to get satisfaction, cause I always spill it all just at the thrill of lowering the bucket, but I eventually found I could just keep on lowering the bucket for about 10 minutes and get lots of water. The trick is, don't stop. Now that I'm so old, I not sure I could do that anymore, but I'd sure try hard if I got the chance. I do get tired, but it's worth it.
Reply:this should be a health question,but anyway yes it could be age,or she isn't healthy.
Reply:WTF? You need help.
Reply:Quite right, that's telling 'em!!

What is the real satisfaction in life?

being a human being what makes u sastisfied in general and is it possible for a mAN to be satified or contented??

What is the real satisfaction in life?
Love. Loving yourself first then others. When you love yourself then you live authentically %26amp; make the most of your life. I'm following my dreams %26amp; yes I'm satisfied but it's taken me a long time to get to this point %26amp; make these realizations. If you don't love yourself, you will never find satisfied %26amp; nothing will ever fill the void.
Reply:What is the real satisfaction in life?

total spritual fullfillment that arises from enlightenment...
Reply:I have learned that the only long lasting satisfaction comes from performing your responsibilities. Basicly doing what you know to be good.
Reply:What makes me happy is peace of mind, being in love, my family, having free time and moments to appreciate nature, whenever God uses me and I am a witness to what he does.
Reply:being loved and giving love is something awesome.

anyway.. a big satisfaction for me is to help as many people as i can ... when i hear all the "thanks" stuff i feel so very good.. you should try it .
Reply:Hi Rugrats_Spongebob,

Be loved, feeling wanted...


Most of all, caring and helping others...

A smile on their face, tells more than..a 1000 words...

I am working in the : "medical field", when I go home, I feel satisfied, because, I have made someones day.............


For me, that is the "greatest satisfaction"....

Its temporally.... but, it repeat itself....

Also, my family.... and friends.. and my pets.. :)


As for a man contented?

I believe, they are... But, they have another way of showing, it than women......

But, they have emotions/feelings, like everybody else......

They just show it differently, that is why some of us women think :

"men are cold".. not showing their emotions.... etc....


When they open up, to people they trust, than you will see the men who they really are ... :)


Thanks, for the question! :)

My regards!

Take care!
Reply:Satisfaction in this world is really living. Like noticing the sun on your back when you're walking downtown. Or running across a soccer field in the spring just because the grass is so pretty and the air is so nice. Sitting in a meadow and squealing about the pretty flowers. I'm most satisfied when I'm just lying on the grass with my friends talking about anything and everything. Partying is fun, but not as satisfying as that. :)
Reply:Contentment. "He is the richest who is content with the least; for content is the wealth of nature" - declares Socrates, the celebrated Greek Philosopher.
Reply:i have satisfaction in knowing that i will die and never have to live on this disgusting horrible place we call earth. satisfaction is always temporary shortlasted and always dies. there is no such thing as true satisfation.
Reply:It is the real satisfaction when you do every work properly, think properly, take decisions and easily make understand to everybody. After that you feel a long-life satisfaction but your way should be truthful.
Reply:mmm..watching wentworth miller having his tatoos put on! sexy!
Reply:Being alive.
Reply:The answer depends on how u define satisfaction. You have to decide what u want out of life (i.e. when u die, what do u want to have done with your life). I find a lot of satisfaction in helping others. It's not a thing i can often do because of my circumstances, but it really feels good when u do. Once you know what u want out of life, persue it and NEVER give up until u get what you want. Don't step on people on the way, but overall it depends on what makes u happy. No one can answer that for u except u.

Based on every conceivable variable, which cell phone service provider should afford the most satisfaction?

I'm thinking of switching to a new service provider as I'm unhappy with my own. I'm looking for suggestions to whom I should switch.

Based on every conceivable variable, which cell phone service provider should afford the most satisfaction?
If you have a family T-mobile has he best plans but not great service. Cingular has rollover but its kind of expensive. Verizon is kind of expensive too but you can call other verizon members free

Why would an award winning ( for customer satisfaction ) company be cavalier when it comes to -?

Your customer satisfaction ? I really think these "award" wins are controlled and /or bought , when you must put forth tremendous effort to get satisfaction for a bad product .Why would a successful company make customers go through a dozen no-help "peons" before they come up with somebody with a wit of intelligence to solve your problem ?

Why would an award winning ( for customer satisfaction ) company be cavalier when it comes to -?
Most companies look at customer support as an expense. They try to keep all expenses at a minimum. This would include customer support. They don't seem to understand that poor customer support can cost them customers (in other words, profits) in the future. It puzzles me, too.
Reply:Hey that's just the way they are

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What is job satisfaction? why is it important?

what is job satisfaction? why is it important?

What is job satisfaction? why is it important?
Job satisfaction is the pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one's job or job experiences. so in a sense it is the characteristics of the job which one finds rewarding, fulfilling, and satisfying.

The importance of job satisfaction lies not in its relationship with performance but with its stabilizing effects and through its effects on increasing organizational citizenship behaviors and organizational commitment.
Reply:Different people have different defination in job satisfaction. For me, job satisfaction is the sense of achievement that I can gain by completion of a job. Without job satisfaction, we will never try our best or put in effort to achieve the target that we are looking forward. We will just complete the job and consider it as a job done.
Reply:Job satisfaction is being pleased with how you are handling your job. It is important as it gives you impetus to work well, and feel good about both your work and yourself.